Training up Provence

January 13, 2010 at 12:46 am Leave a comment

Wow – DELAYED much. Not entirely sure why I’m still keeping this up – but meh!

So I’d forgotten to write about my quick trip on the Train du Pigne (Train of Pines) from Nice towards Digne le Bains in Provence, France. I took this train trip, thinking happily of my father the whole way (who is OBSESSED with trains & pretty train journeys) – purely for the sake of taking a famous scenic train trip!

Tired at the moment and don’t have an amazing amount to say about it, so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

I am writing from cold January London – and have just spent the past few weeks being pursued sneakily by snow and the COLDEST SNAP Europe has seen in like 60 years hahaha – so looking back on these photos in summer sun is making me very jealous…of myself…

Entrevaux, medieval fortress city in the mountains

View from the top of the LONG climb up the fortress in Entrevaux - it was a gorgeous HOT day! haha

Moat surrounding Entrevaux, and a local cooling off in the water!

And of course for my father, the obligatory train related photos 😀

The journey usually can take a whole day or even a few – I took a few hours!  It was made in super efficient Angela fashion right before my trip up to Marseille (already blogged about).

The next blog post will FINALLY be about Paris! A few months (half a year in fact) behind. HAH.  Reminiscing 🙂




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